Cat Water Fountains: The Latest for the Little Pet

Having a cat in the house is fun. Cats are human lovers that show their affection by rubbing against the feet and purring around, as its owner comes home from a hard day’s work. Cats are provided the best of things in life by their owners and there is a wide choice of toys and articles that are available designed to suit the characteristics of the cat so that it can enjoy playing on them.


Basic Requirements: Food and Water

The main requirements for the cats are food and water. There are a variety of feeders for the cats.

Bowls and feeders are provided to keep the food in so that the cat can have their food and water from it. Food storage products help to store food in protective containers. There are also cups to provide water so that cats can drink from it easily. These containers are available for food only, for water only and to hold both. They can also be taken while travelling.


The Latest in Providing Fresh and Moving Water

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The latest introduction for the cat’s use is the Cat Water Fountains. These are little fountains of running water that motivates the cat to drink water constantly and keep them hydrated. As the sound of running water has a soothing effect on human beings, it has the same effect on cats too. It motivates the cat to drink water. The moving water attracts the cat to take a sip of the fresh water that is available. The moving water helps to keep the water from infectious bacterial growth. The pet fountains have pre-filters and carbon filters to remove odor too. As water constitutes the main content of the body, drinking a large quantity of water is good. In fact, it is found that cats have more quantity of water content in them than human bodies have in them. Lack of proper intake of water is the cause for various diseases, as well as in the malfunctioning of the kidney and the urinary bladder.


The Uniqueness of the Cat Water Fountains

Cat water fountains have a free flow of water. The flow is adjustable so that it suits the preference of the cats drinking habits. The fountains have a small ramp at the base so that the water does not splash out and also helps the cat to drink the water even as it flows down as a fountain in mid-air. The reservoir can store different capacities of water according to the model. If the reservoir to contain the water is big, there is no necessity to refill it constantly. There are also carbon filters to keep the water clean. There are fountains with multiple drinking flows too, that is especially suited when the owner has multiple cats. Such multiple fountains have a higher reservoir to contain higher quantity of water. Another queer trait of the cat is its aversion towards plastic containers. In such cases there are different varieties available in stainless steel too.